Preparing for Corporate Worship at Living Word: Repentance Brings Blessing

Repentance Brings Blessing: Hosea 14

This week at Living Word we will hear from Jeff Heikes, a former church council member and regular Adult Bible Study instructor. Jeff will be teaching from Hosea 14 and gives us this preview:

Restoration (noun):  A bringing back to a former position or condition: reinstatement.  

Whether it is Israel in 750 BC or Sioux Falls in 2013, we are all in need of restoration.  As we walk through life, we tend to wander from God.  He urgently calls for us to return to Him.

Hosea metaphorically and literally describes Israel’s wandering from God.  In the prophet’s warnings, he notes how God’s judgment is certain against them.  Israel’s insincere return to God is not good enough, they need true, honest repentance to gain His restoration.

In Chapter 14:4-7, Hosea describes what restoration could be.  God’s love is refreshing like the dew, blossoms like the lily, and grows roots like the trees of Lebanon for those whom come to Him.  Restoration can be yours through the Risen Savior Jesus Christ!

Songs We Will Be Singing Together This Week:

O Worship The King - traditional hymn lyrics written by Robert Grant and melody by William Croft. This great hymn calls us to worship, reminding us that God is "our shield and defender, the Ancient of days" and prompting us to "gratefully sing" to "our maker, defender, redeemer, and friend." Stream the song below (you might have to install Spotify if you don't currently use it)

Behold our God (Who Has Held the Oceans) - written by Meghan Baird, Jonathan Baird, Stephen Altrogge, and Ryan Baird. This modern hymn calls us to behold the One to whom no one can compare. It reminds us that we are small compared to the majesty of God's wisdom, Power, and work on the Cross, but that our same God bore "felt the nails upon His hands, bearing all the guilt of sinful man."

Rock of Ages - traditional hymn lyrics by Augustus M. Toplady and tune by Thomas Hastings. This hymn, which can sometimes be only associated with funeral services is a wonderful confession of sin and faith. The second verse is very clear that nothing, "not the labor of my hands," our zeal or remorse "can fulfill Thy law's demands." The only thing that could atone for our sin is "Thou...and Thou alone."

Speak O Lord - by Keith Getty & Stuart Townend. This wonderful modern hymn was written to be used as a prayer before hearing God's Word spoken or taught, and as a response to hearing and applying the Word. We pray as we sing to "take Your truth, plant it deep in us, shape and fashion us, in Your likeness."

Benediction - by Stuart Townend & Keith Getty. It's great to be blessed with a "good word" from the pastor at the end of the corporate worship service, but often it is also good to sing a blessing to each other as well. This modern hymn gives us the opportunity to encourage one another with words of blessing yet, ultimately give God the glory by proclaiming that "we declare the name of the Lamb once slain: Christ eternal, the King of kings!"

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