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A Community of Believers

We're so glad you're interested in Living Word Free Lutheran Church! One of the major aspects of living a Christian life is being involved in community together. As we follow and love Jesus, we learn to love our community even deeper.

You can find several ways to get involved within our church community below. While the order below is a recommended process, these steps don't necessarily have to be taken in this order.

  1. Grow in and be rooted in your faith. Visit this page if you're a new Christian, otherwise we have several ways to deepen your faith, including our blog, sermons & recordings, weekly events and resources (this step is a continual process for all of us!)
  2. Learn more about Living Word's mission, vision and core values.
  3. Attend a Discovering Living Word class to get an in-depth look at how the church works.
  4. Consider becoming a member (by the way, we have several long-time attenders who aren't members, and we love them, but membership allows you to vote and serve on the church council)
  5. Go through the Discover Your Design Class to understand how God has uniquely gifted you with spiritual gifts and passions. This class also helps us get to know you and how your gifts can fit in at Living Word
  6. If you are a member or regular attender at Living Word, utilize our Church Community Builder software.
Worship: Sundays at 9:00 AM | Christian Education: 10:30 AM