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Advent - Preparing To Greet Our King


Pastor Kirk Thorson shares a brief explanation of Advent, looking at it as a time to prepare to greet our King, both during Christmas and at His second coming.

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Preparing for Corporate Worship - Advent, A Season of Lament?


Ryan Egan, Director of Worship & Creative Arts at Living Word Free Lutheran Church, shares why encouraging Advent to be a time of longing and lament is helpful and productive.

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Lord, You Have Indeed Been Good to Us


Pastor Kirk Thorson shares some thoughts about the dangers of discontentment and the tendency to skip over Thanksgiving, both the holiday and the attitude.

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Luther and the Gospel


Pastor Kirk Thorson shares some thoughts about Martin Luther, the Reformation, and the Gospel. Read more.

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Preparing for Corporate Worship - Your Blood Speaks a Better Word


Prepare your hearts and minds for worship on Sunday, October 2nd as Ryan Egan, Director of Worship and Creative Arts, takes you through the service.

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AFLC Ministry of the Month - Parish Education


Learn more about Ambassador Publications and Parish Education, AFLC's ministry of the month for September.

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Fix Your Eyes On Jesus


Pastor Kirk Thorson shares some encouragement as he reflects on the end of summer and takes a look at Hebrews 10.

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Musical Resources to Help Get The Psalms to Stick


Find several resources that set Psalms to music as a way to help cement the words of this wonderful section of Scripture into your mind.

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Everything to Enjoy


Pastor Kirk encourages us not to miss the joy, even in the midst of being busy, this summer.

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Job and Suffering


Pastor Kirk Thorson takes a look at perspective in some reflections on the book of Job.

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