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Musical Resources to Help Get The Psalms to Stick


Find several resources that set Psalms to music as a way to help cement the words of this wonderful section of Scripture into your mind.

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Everything to Enjoy


Pastor Kirk encourages us not to miss the joy, even in the midst of being busy, this summer.

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Job and Suffering


Pastor Kirk Thorson takes a look at perspective in some reflections on the book of Job.

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WoW Progressive Dinner Blesses the Sioux Falls Banquet in a Big Way


Rebecca Weisz shares what into the planning and execution of the WoW Progressive Dinner event as well as how much The Banquet was blessed by the evening's donations.

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Relying On An Unchanging God


Pastor Kirk Thorson shares some thoughts on how seasons of life change, but God remains the same.

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Preparing for Corporate Worship - Lift High the Name of Jesus


Prepare your hearts and minds for worship on April 10, 2017 by learning more about the elements of the upcoming worship service.

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Preparing for Corporate Worship - Eastertide


Learn about Eastertide and prepare your hearts and minds for worshiping together on Sunday, April 3rd.

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Preparing for Corporate Worship - Holy Week


Ryan Egan, Director of Worship & Creative Arts at Living Word, gives an overview of what our Holy Week services will look like.

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What You Might Not Know About The Association Retreat Center


Peder Aadahl, member of both Living Word and the ARC Corporation, shares briefly about what the Association Retreat Center has meant to him.

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How Does God Show Love to a Hopeless and Helpless World?


Pastor Kirk shares commentary on verses from Romans 5, looking at the Apostle Paul's use of the word helpless as we continue through Lent.

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