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Written by Wade Mobley

Thanks Be To Our God


Pastor Wade Mobley gives a preview of his final series of sermons as pastor at Living Word: 'Thanks Be To Our God.'

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Why (And How) To Memorize Scripture


Pastor Wade Mobley follows up his message on 'Scripture Alone' by offering detailed ways why and how to memorize Scripture.

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Reduction to Absurdity: One Powerful Tool for Engaging a Postmodern Culture


Pastor Wade Mobley concludes his series on ethical standards, looking at the biggest problem with postmodernism and how to deal with it.

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So WHY Is It Wrong To Hit Your Wife?


Pastor Wade Mobley continues to respond to how our culture has an inconsistent view of ethical standards. Learn why you can't get to 'good' without going through God.

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What's So Bad About Hitting Your Wife?


Pastor Wade Mobley responds to the outrage surrounding the recent actions of ex-Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice, looking at absolute truth and situational ethics.

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Reading Jeremiah


Pastor Wade Mobley shares some history, geography, context, and relevance of the book of Jeremiah as we read through it during our congregational Scripture reading plan.

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God's Big Kingdom


Pastor Wade Mobley shares some thoughts as a preview to Living Word's "God's Big Kingdom" series, coming in September.

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How it All Began - Reflections on a Czech Morning and Discipleship


Pastor Wade shares reflections of how American and Czech Lutheran churches have partnered together as Bible-believing Christians.

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Poster Blindness


Pastor Wade encourages us not to become poster blind to the promises of God's Word, especially when they're staring right at us.

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Weekly Musings


Pastor Wade Mobley blogs about Psalm 13, cosmology, Martin Luther, tolerance, and same-sex marriage.

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