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Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus


Watch a wonderful video showing events in the Old Testament leading up to the birth of Jesus Christ.

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Reading Jeremiah


Pastor Wade Mobley shares some history, geography, context, and relevance of the book of Jeremiah as we read through it during our congregational Scripture reading plan.

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The Mindset of the People Around the Time of the Reformation (Part 2)


Pastor Wade Mobley shares notes from a class taught by Pastor John Eidsmoe at Living Word: The Mindset of the People Around the Time of the Reformation.

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The Mindset of the People around the Time of the Reformation (Part 1)


Pastor Wade Mobley shares how (in preparation for a seminary class he is teaching) he is researching the WHY behind the slow, steady and now accelerating rejection of God.

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Is the Bible that We Hold in Our Hands Trustworthy, or Just the Ancient Languages and Manuscripts?


Pastor Wade concludes his "God's Word" series, looking finally at the issue of translation and asking, "Is the Bible that we hold in our hands trustworthy, or just the ancient languages and manuscripts?

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God's Word - Do We Have the Correct Books in Our Bible?


Pastor Wade Mobley brings part four of the "God's Word" series, asking the question of canonicity, or "Do we have the correct books in our Bible?"

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God's Word - Do the Manuscripts that We Have Accurately Reflect the Originals?


Pastor Wade Mobley shares part three of the 'God's Word' series, looking at transmission, or the question of how we can know that our manuscripts reflect the originals.

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God's Word - Who Decides What Parts of the Bible are Really God's Word?


Pastor Wade Mobley shares part two of his 'God's Word' series, asking 'Who decides what parts of the Bible are really God's Word?'

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God's Word - How Can We Be Sure The Original Writers Were Telling The Truth?


Pastor Wade Mobley writes part one of a five-part series on God's Word, asking 'How can we be sure the original writers were telling the truth?'

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Landing an Advent Plane


Pastor Wade Mobley explains the importance of looking at the history of Quirinius as it relates to the accuracy of God's Word. Read his post today.

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