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Preparing for Corporate Worship - When Satan Tempts Me to Despair


Prepare your hearts and minds for gathered worship on Sunday, January 20, 2018 as well as listen to and learn this week's music.

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Prayer Requests at Living Word


Signe Schumacher, Prayer Coordinator at Living Word, writes on the importance of prayer and shares various ways you can submit prayer requests to the Living Word community.

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Sanctity of Human Life is Bigger than just Abortion


Watch a video featuring Lecrae, John Piper, and John Ensor on abortion, poverty, race, and God's grace.

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Colonel John Eidsmoe Coming to Living Word


Colonel John Eidsmoe will be joining Living Word on January 18th for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Learn more.

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Why (And How) To Memorize Scripture


Pastor Wade Mobley follows up his message on 'Scripture Alone' by offering detailed ways why and how to memorize Scripture.

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Dr. Mark Vukonich, friend of Living Word, encourages us that, even though change is constant, our joy through what Jesus has done is not dependent on our circumstances.

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Moving Forward with His Strong Hand


Equipping Ministry Assistant Karen Asfeldt reminds us that the strong hand of God is upon us, and that His strength is much greater than our own.

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Payable or Receivable


Pastor Wade Mobley shares that Lent is not about paying back the debt we owe, but receiving the payment that has been paid for that debt.

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Condemnation Without Refutation


Pastor Wade Mobley shares thoughts sparked by a reading of Job 32 in Living Word's 2014 reading plan, explaining the need to refute faulty thinking before condemning.

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God's Law With No Way Out, God's Grace With No Strings Attached


Pastor Wade Mobley writes on God's grace, and how one's perspective on it changes when viewing it from unbelief into belief and links to a previous article entitled "It Really Is That Free."

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