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Exploring The Heart Of The Savior

Written By Kirk Thorson on 03/02/2018 | Posted in Congregational LifeCurrent EventsWorship

We have entered into the season of the church year known as Lent - a period of reflection and preparation for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Where Is Lent's Focus?

There is a part of us that can tend to focus on ourselves during Lent - what we can give up for Lent, what we can do to be a better person. Lent is partly a time for examining ourselves, understanding the darkness of our sin, but also a time to look to the light of the gospel. Use this season of Lent to look to Christ. When our focus is on Jesus, we are drawn to His grace, mercy, and compassion.

Proclaiming The Living Word, Serving The Living God

In keeping with our mission as a congregation, "Proclaiming the Living Word, Serving the Living God" I have been working with several men in the congregation to prepare Lenten messages for our Wednesday night services. In doing so, we continue to proclaim and preach Christ crucified while at the same time allowing our congregation to be blessed as these men serve the Lord in sharing the messages God has laid upon their hearts.

Wednesday Activity Times

Our Wednesday night activities include a meal at 5:30, Faith 'n' Friends at 6:30 and our Lenten service at 6:45. We'd love to have you join us for these services as we spend time walking through the theme, "The Heart of the Savior."

Serving Christ Alongside You,
Pastor Kirk Thorson

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Kirk is pastor of Living Word Free Lutheran church in Sioux Falls, SD.

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