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Fellowship, Prayer, Epiphany and Hot Cocoa!

Written By Mallory Hoekman on 01/14/2014 | Posted in Congregational LifeWomen of the Word

Women of the Word (WOW) Epiphany Party

On January 12th, 2014 twelve women of Living Word, all ages and stages of life, gathered in the home of Michele Mobley to celebrate Epiphany. An event, organized by the Women of the Word (WOW), to bring together women for fellowship, prayer, learning about Epiphany, and hot cocoa!

The women were greeted with a smile and an offer to take coats, a roaring fire, and a hot cocoa bar. After we got our hot water and cocoa mixed we were able to add whatever toppings we wanted to our cocoa, from peppermint, to chocolate, to caramels, and of course, marshmallows on top! We took our drinks to the cozy couches near the fireplace and settled in for a sweet time of fellowship.

Getting to Know Each Other

We were able to get to know each other more deeply through an icebreaker series of questions on how we grew up and what kept us warm, eventually leading us to what is in the core of our heart and how God led us to having Him in our heart. After the icebreaker, two women took turns explaining the reason, meaning, and why Epiphany is celebrated.

Praying Together

We closed our time together with some deep and powerful group prayer following the outline given by the WMF (Women’s Mission Federation) which is also the same general outline we follow at Living Word. First, we gave God our Adoration – declaring to God what He is; Confession – agreeing with God that we sin (we did this silently); Thanksgiving – thanking God for what He has done; and Supplication – asking God for our needs. Each of these different areas were led into with Scripture shared by two women of the Word. Each woman prayed out loud as they felt led by the Holy Spirit.

As we departed we were given a candle as a reminder of the Epiphany event and who the True Light of the World is: Jesus Christ. He came to the world as a tiny baby whom the wise men sought to worship by following a star to a small house in Bethlehem. They worshiped this small toddler, gave Him gifts, and followed the directions given by God to go a different route back to their home. Jesus Christ grew and changed the world to give us all the free gift of salvation through His grace and belief in Him through His precious blood on the Cross.

- Mallory Hoekman

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Mallory Hoekman has been a Living Word member since 2011. She lives with her husband, Austin, and they have three children. At Living Word she enjoys participating in different aspects of Christian Education, planning Women of the Word events, helping in the nursery, and operating video in the sound booth as well as coordinating Vacation Bible Shool. Outside of church she is able to be a stay-at-home mom, children's leader at BSF, and enjoys photography.

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