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Firmly planted, Centered on the Cross: A Look at Living Word's New Logo

Recently our congregation approved a new design of our church logo. I wanted to give a brief overview of the concept behind the design as well as how we intend to fit it into our overall church mission, vision and culture.

While we respect the history, prayer and planning that went into our previous logo, as well as the deep connections and emotions involved with it for many original members we realized that there was a good opportunity to create something fresh.

However, creating something fresh and new just for the sake of it was not the intent. We wanted a logo that would do three things:

  • Utilize the 'signature' cross shape that we have both in the altar area and the side of the building
  • Give a much more prominent emphasis on the cross and the Bible
  • Be able to be used as a stand-alone mark that would instantly be associated with Living Word

With the beautiful design of a new altar area a few years ago came a beautifully-designed cross. This cross shape then was placed as a lit symbol on the North side of our building. We wanted to build on that and make this cross very prominent within the new logo. To that end, the empty cross is a sign of Jesus' resurrection, the sign of a 'Living God.' This fit very well with the second half of our mission of "Serving the Living God." Secondly, the open Bible is much more prominent than the previous logo, going hand in hand with the first half our mission to be a church that is "Proclaiming the Living Word." We desire, as we do both of those things, to put them into action by being 'firmly planted in the Word and centered on the Cross.'

Many churches in the area have a prominent 'mark' that is used to identify them. You've seen them on cars, shirts, stickers, etc. We realized how instantly-recognizable these churches became and wanted something similar. However, we wanted to make sure that the 'mark' showed us our true identity, not just the identity of the name of the church. Because of this, when the 'mark' is used separately from the name of our church you see a very intentional focus on the cross and the Bible, with the suggestion of a leaf coming out around them; a reminder of the 'living and active' nature of the church and of God's Word.

We hope with this new logo that anyone who sees it will instantly associate our church with the Cross, the Bible, and the fact that we are a living, growing, organic congregation.

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Ryan serves as Director of Worship & Creative Arts at Living Word. He is a follower of Jesus, husband, father of three, worshiper and creative.

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