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Gender and Scripture

Written By Wade Mobley on 07/02/2012 | Posted in Daily Christian Thinking

The message on July 8 was on 1 Timothy 2. Many modern scholars dismiss anything written by Paul, but especially the "Timothys." Why? Because they contain some subject matter that is objectionable to their sensibilities. Note the methodology: If I don't like it I find a reason to discredit or remove it.

The message wasn't on the subject precisely, but the verses that followed talk about gender roles in the congregation. This is one of the topics that some people find objectionable. That shouldn't be a surprise. As God created mankind "male and female after His image" (Genesis 1:26-27), Satan finds great benefit from questioning those gender distinctions that God says is part of His very being. Not-so incidentally, THAT is what is at stake with the subject of same-gender marriage - nothing less than rejecting the image of God in man.

While many try to obliterate gender altogether, very few people really buy it. Outside of a psychology or sociology class that is advocating a certain anti-Biblical way of looking at the world, people basically understand gender. There is little confusion in the delivery room.

However, what is known as "egalatarianism," that is, the view that the genders are equal to the point of being identical, is widely held by people in Bible-believing congregations. That is unfortunate, for the Bible does not teach "equal," but complementary. That's "complementary" with an "e," meaning "that which completes another."

Males and females are different and complement one another. They are not equal or identical. Nor are they superior/inferior. Rather, we serve two complementary genders meant to exemplify the character of the Living God. This manifests itself in different roles.

While I will pursue this further from the pulpit in the future, this article from a friend of Living Word addresses the subject well. Enjoy!

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