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Getting into God's Word in 2015

Written By Ryan Egan on 01/08/2015 | Posted in Congregational LifeNewsQuiet Time with Jesus

Last year we as a congregation tackled a big task: reading through the entire Bible chronologically in one year. For those of you that made it to the very end, nice work! And for those of you that stuck with it for even a portion of time, nice work as well!

We wanted to continue to offer Bible reading plans at Living Word, but this time give you some easier entry and end points for each plan.

Throughout the rest of 2015 we will be offering a variety of shorter plans. This way, you can see a start and end date in a shorter amount of time. Also, you can jump into a new plan when it starts more easily than a plan that's a full year long. Below you will find plans we will be following for the next three months.

Upcoming Plans

January: Better Together: Connecting with God and Each Other

We will begin our first plan on Monday, January 12. This plan, entitled "Better Together: Connecting with God and Each Other" takes a look at ways to be better connected with God and with one another, encouraging partnership within the body of Christ. This fifteen-day plan will be read Monday through Friday until the end of January.

February: The Better Reading Plan

So often we see claims that will guarantee us a better life by following a series of steps or actions. God's Word truly does offer us the opportunity at a better life as we read it and are transformed by it. This twenty-eight-day reading plan combines Scripture passages with short devotional encouragements from Scripture on how to truly live a better life as a follower of Christ. These encouragements are not about being saved through works or by "being better," but about growing in our understanding of what the full life of a Christian is.

March: 30 Ways in 30 Days

In March we will read a thirty-day plan that focuses our hearts on thirty ways to share Jesus with others in thirty days. This focused reading plan gives help in becoming more intentional and bolder in sharing your story about Jesus.


There are several tools you can use to help you stay on track with these reading plans. First, be sure to visit Living Word's website each day, where each passage from the day will be on display on every page.

Secondly, be sure to visit our Scripture readings page where we will offer highlights and context on each week's readings.

Third, if you don't already, I highly recommend you use YouVersion, an online website and Bible app. You can subscribe to each of these plans within YouVersion, track your progress, and encourage one another as you go (tracking your progress and accountability requires a login to YouVersion, but it's well worth it).

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