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God Bless You - A Closer Look at the Blessings of God

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Have you ever thought closely about the words “bless” and “blessing?”

Author Warren Wiersbe, in his book Bless You - Receiving and Sharing the Blessings of the Lord, says these words:

“The words bless, blessed, and blessing are found over five hundred times in the Bible and describe such diverse things as rain, bumper crops, babies, and, most important, salvation from sin...So what is a blessing?

After surveying the biblical record, I have come to the conclusion that a blessing is any act of God that brings Him glory by accomplishing His will and helping His people grow and do His will. You can’t buy blessings or manufacture them; they can come only from the Lord. You can’t easily explain blessings - how they happen, when they happen, to whom they happen. When they occur, the best thing to do is to accept them and give thanks to God. God’s blessings are gracious gifts from heaven that meet our needs in ways that build us up and help us glorify the Lord. “Bless the Lord!” is the equivalent of “Praise the Lord!” and we ought to use those words more often.”

As we take a closer look at the blessings of God over the next several weeks, take note of His goodness and faithfulness, and ultimately we will learn that our response is: “every blessing You pour out” we will “turn back to praise.”

Bless the Lord, O my soul, indeed, for He has blessed us more than we can begin to comprehend!

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