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God's Word - Do We Have the Correct Books in Our Bible?

Written By Wade Mobley on 01/22/2014 | Posted in Christian HistoryDaily Christian Thinking

Who Decided, Anyway?

One of the big questions surrounding the authority of Scripture is "Who decided what was Scripture and what wasn't?" The question is one of "canonicity," that is, which books for the "standard" for God's Word?

Short answer? No one decided. God decided what was Scripture and what wasn't, because He was responsible for giving it to us. What men DID, though, through research, discussion and church councils, was discover and affirm what writings were God’s Word. Realistically, who was in a better position than the early Christians to authenticate the authoritative teachings of Christ and His first followers? The links below will help you dig in a little deeper, but first:

Old Testament

At the time of Christ, most Jews accepted what we call the Old Testament as God’s Word. The New Testament writers emphasized this as they quoted the Old Testament as God’s Authority. Jesus Himself quoted the Old Testament all the time.

New Testament

You’ll hear a lot of people talk about hundreds of “gospels” or letters floating around, and how it wasn’t until 400 years after Christ that men “decided” what to include or exclude.

Paul’s letters get picked on more than any other Scripture because they contain some material that is “politically incorrect.” However, Paul’s writings were accepted as Scripture VERY early on in the Christian church. In 1 Peter 3:15-16, Peter even describes Paul’s writings as Scripture in a context that tells us these were more than just letters.


Editor's note: the image on this post is of The First Council of Nicea, wall painting at the church of Stavropoleos, Bucharest, Romania, and is released under public domain. The Council of Nicea resulted in the Nicean creed.

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