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Phil and Kristin Tanner in Macedonia

Written By Ryan Egan on 03/19/2014 | Posted in Missions and Evangelism

Phil Tanner Serving as Mentor For Local Doctors in Macedonia

Phil & Kristin tanner have been working in Macedonia for the past couple weeks. Here is an overview from them about what they have been doing and how they plan to continue mission work in the future:

Dear Friends and Family, most of you know that Phil has resigned from his position at Sanford. We don't know what the medium to long-range future looks like, but we do have plans for the short term.
From March 3-23rd we will be serving in Macedonia. This country, in the Balkans, is directly north of Greece. The Macedonian government has asked the (US-based) Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA) to come alongside their doctors. This partnership is intended to strengthen and improve the Macedonian healthcare system. The program began in 2013 with a spring and fall session. Phil will be the first gastroenterologist in the program. He will serve as a mentor for the local doctors and there should also be opportunities to teach the residents and medical students.

Our time back in Sioux Falls will be short in late March because from March 29 - April 17th we head to Kenya to serve with Samaritan's Purse at Tenwek Hospital, four hours from Nairobi. Phil has been asked to cover leave for a full time missionary gastroenterologist there. This area of Kenya sees lots of esophageal cancer, and Tenwek provides ERCP, which are both areas of Phil's expertise.

Kristin is joining Phil on both of these trips. God has blessed her heart for missions abundantly this year in fulfilling a desire of many years.

Please continue to pray for Phil & Kristin as they work in Macedonia and Kenya.

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