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Preparing For Corporate Worship - 10-14-18

This Sunday we continue our 'Storms of Life' series, following up from our reading plan that took a look at the book of Job near the beginning of it. Job found himself in the middle of some very unfortunate times, through absolutely no fault of his own. This Sunday we will reinforce where to go when something like that happens. As a reminder you can listen to and learn all of the music for this week's service by visiting our music resource page.

Call to Worship

We will begin our service by corporately confessing this month's memory verse, Ephesians 3:20-21- So much victory found in this text, and we hope you're making it a priority to study and memorize it!

Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, be to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever, amen."

Songs of Praise and Worship

A Mighty Fortress

When we get to October we near Reformation Sunday, a beautiful time to celebrate our Lutheran heritage. With this, of course, comes the opportunity to sing Luther's most famous hymn, "A Mighty Fortress." We are singing Matt Boswell's modern arrangement of this hymn again this year. To some it may be disappointing to sing a more modern version of it. However, I wanted to bring back what I wrote in last year's worship notes regarding this issue:

When you think of the German Reformation and particularly the hymnody that came out of it, the first song that likely pops into your mind is Luther’s “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” Did you know, however, that there are over eighty English translations of this song? Or that the original tune was highly syncopated? It wasn’t until 200 years later that the “smoothed-out version” as Pastor Gordon Waterman in his great collection of Reformation Hymns puts it, becomes “the version used in most hymnbooks today.”

As well, the word “bulwark” that most of us are used to singing is a poor translation of the original German “wehr.” Some English versions use “trusty shield and weapon” as opposed to “bulwark never failing.” While the former phrase is closer, the idea, however, is much deeper. The German word emphasizes something more like a tank; a weapon and stronghold that goes with us, rather than a castle that we hole up in. This is more faithful to Psalm 46 as well: “a very present help in trouble.”

All that to say, we are singing a slightly more modern version of this hymn today and through October as we celebrate the Reformation. This newer version is intended to be in our culture’s “musical vernacular,” intended to be listened to and sung in your home in a style that your kids and grandkids will enjoy. And, in light of the MANY transformations that this hymn has gone through over the centuries I would encourage you to use this version to help our current culture get this amazing text into their ear buds, cars, and stereos.

In The Name of God The Father

This song is one we've heard as a call to worship the last couple weeks and one we'll now sing together as a prayer. I find it to be such a beautiful text that encompasses so much: from calling on each Person of the Trinity to declaring what we receive in and bring to the service. It's such a rich, yet simple prayer about the importance of why and how we gather.

Confession of Sin & Assurance of Salvation

I want to repeat how important this section of the service is, particularly the message of assurance. As God's word is proclaimed over us don't miss the amazing promises and comfort found in it.

Song of Proclamation

Psalm 62

This song, which will also be used as the song of response after the message, is a beautiful way to point us where our mind needs to go, especially in times where we find ourselves in storms not caused by ourselves. Aaron Keyes and Stuart Townend penned these words, which I find particularly poignant for this Sunday:

Though lips may bless and hearts may curse
and lies, like arrows, pierce me,
I'll fix my heart on righteousness;
I'll look to Him who hears me.

Job's friends (and even his wife) were quick to try to blame Job or convince him to curse God. But he remembered where the ultimate source of his comfort and joy came from, the One who was his "Delight..and..reward."

This song has so many excellent lines in it. I'd encourage you to take a copy of the music home (you can find them at the Welcome Center) and just read it as a prayer during your devotion times.

Confession of Faith

As a way to cement in our minds that God alone is our strength and a way to reinforce the words of confession that we will have just sung we will confess Psalm 62:1-8. This text is a very fitting one when looking at Job, especially verses 3-4.

Greeting and Announcements

Again, treat this as an act of worship as well, hearing and knowing how our church is joyfully "proclaiming the Living Word" and willingly "serving the Living God" as we're "firmly planted in the Word" and "centered on the cross."

Missionary Moment

We're blessed to have Jeff Siegel of Chosen People ministries join us this week.

Tithes and Offerings

This portion of the service is a wonderful opportunity to worship the Lord by giving back to Him a portion of what He has given us.

Scripture Readings

I'm thankful to be a part of church that dedicates attention to the public reading of Scripture. This week we will be reading Psalm 125:1-5 and James 5:7-16. Spend some time reading through them before we gather on Sunday.


Pastor Kirk will continue to look at 'Storms of Life,' looking at Job chapter one this week. I'd encourage you to spend some time reading through this chapter again in preparation for the message.

Song of Response

As mentioned above, we will sing Psalm 62, a beautifully-fitting piece to close out the service.

Listen to and Learn This Week's Music

As a reminder you can listen to and learn all of the music for this week's service by visiting our music resource page.

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