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Preparing for Corporate Worship - October 15, 2017

Written By Ryan Egan on 10/13/2017 | Posted in Congregational LifeWorship

There is power in habit, isn't there? Whether the habit is bad or good, consistently doing the same thing over and over produces results. We want Sunday morning gathered worship to be a part of your weekly habit. We want you to consistently come and enjoy worshiping together so that the results of publicly "Proclaiming the Living Word" together can help to form how you live and think. This Sunday will put some concrete terms to how we do that as we focus specifically on the gift of God's Word.

With that in mind, we'd love to help you be familiar with the service and know why we do what we do. Here's where we'll land this week.

Call to Worship

This beautiful time to set the tone and direction of the service is not to be missed. Please come to church early so that you can prepare your hearts and minds and hear God's Word as we begin the service.

Opening Songs

We will be singing the wonderful anthem "Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven" to ignite our souls to praise a God who is truly worthy to be magnified. This adaptation of Psalm 103 speaks of God's character and declares that all of God's creation is joining to praise Him with us. What a picture!

Following this, we will sing Zac Hicks' excellent "Sola." I love this song as it is a beautiful picture of the pillars of the Reformation that still stand today. I also love Zac's wording in the chorus: "Lead us now, O King, in the worship of Your name." There is nothing we do to lead worship. Yes, we can lead the singing, the portions of the service, etc. But only Jesus is the true "worship leader" who draws us to the Father and allows us confident access to Him.

Confession of Sin and Assurance of Pardon

Following these songs, we will enter into a time of confessing our sin followed by a wonderful declaration of the Gospel from God's Word. We. Are. Forgiven. What great news that is!

Confession of Faith

Many weeks we join with thousands of Christians around the world and throughout history in declaring what we believe through the Apostles' Creed. We will do so again this week for our confession of faith.

Greeting and Announcements

We encourage each other as we hear what is going on at Living Word and beyond.

Fifteen Years of Faithfulness

Charter member Joe Volz will share a testimony of how God has been faithful to us as a congregation as we continue to celebrate and observe our fifteen-year anniversary.

Tithes and Offerings

As we offer our gifts back to the One who gave them to us, we treat this as an act of worship, knowing these gifts will go to the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

Song of Preparation

Before our Scripture readings and message this week we will sing the wonderful song "Ancient Words" as a declaration that the Word we proclaim is true, able to change us, and worth dying for.

Scripture Readings

As always, we never neglect the public proclamation of Scripture. Every Sunday we are certain to let God's word ring throughout the service, even apart from the message. This is a gift that needs to be shared. Soak these words in and let them burn within your heart.


Pastor Kirk will be sharing on the gift of God's Word this week. It will be wonderful to look at this together and learn even better how to apply it to our lives.


As we go, in response to the message, we will sing "How Firm A Foundation." This hymn is a beautiful picture of all of the promises that God's Word gives us in the midst of both joy and trials within life.

Again, as the Benediction is spoken over us, cling to these wonderful promises of Scripture.

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Ryan serves as Director of Worship & Creative Arts at Living Word. He is a follower of Jesus, husband, father of three, worshiper and creative.

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