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Preparing for Corporate Worship - Silent as Light

Written By Ryan Egan on 02/13/2019 | Posted in Congregational LifeWorship

We continue our 'Speaking to the Heart' series, this week looking at 'the wounded heart.'

Call to Worship and Songs of Praise

As we gather we will sing the song we've been singing throughout these last few months, 'In The Name of God the Father.' Don't miss the depth of this prayer that continues the call to worship. This song is a prayer for:

  • The power of each member of the Trinity to be evident in the service and perceived by us as we gather
  • To 'raise our hearts to heaven' as we focus our hearts in song together
  • To declare that God alone is worthy of praise
  • To bring all of our emotions (joys and troubles) to God's mercy and grace
  • To share God's peace with each other
  • To feast upon God's word
  • To recognize how we are growing to be more like Jesus ('you make us into light for all the world')
  • To open our lips to praise Him, our eyes to see Him, our hearts to His change, and our minds to Jesus

Wow - there's a lot packed into this one song as a call to what we do when we gather!

The second song we will sing is the well-known hymn, 'Immortal, Invisible God Only Wise.' While this hymn has some beautiful imagery in it and deep truth about God's constant work and wisdom, I wanted to call out one phrase. As I was preparing for worship this week the phrase 'silent as light' struck me as odd and I set off to research it a bit more.

I came across this beautiful commentary on the hymn, which includes these thoughts:

"There are times when the loudest message comes through in the stillness of silence. But even when it seems that God is silent and not speaking, we should not presume that God is inactive. As we noted, God is alert and active in even the silent times of our lives...

...Most of the time when light dispels the darkness of the night, the light itself simply comes and changes the world, while remaining silent. When the morning light floods my kitchen, there is no apparent sound in the event, but the whole room changes...

...the Light of God comes into us to show us His glory and light in the face of Jesus. It is not always a loud experience. ...He comes in, sometimes as silently as the arrival of light."

I had never thought about how the presence of light is so powerful, yet so silent - constantly and actively working for our benefit as we see the affects of it but don't hear a sound.

I'd encourage you to read the rest of the post as well.

Confessing Our Sin and Receiving God's Grace

As we move into the rest of the service we will have, as always, a time of confessing our sin and receiving God's grace. We want to be clear that the climax of this is always the reception of God's grace, but in order to understand the weight and majesty of this, we must be clear on what our nature looks like. My encouragement to you is that you don't linger on the sins you confess - that you sing with a loud and clear cry:

"Your blood has washed away my sin. Jesus, thank You!"

The Entire Service As Worship

We will worship through the confession of our faith in the Apostles' Creed as we join with believers throughout the ages in declaring what we believe, we will join in celebration of what God is doing among and around us, we will worship through the tithes and offerings and the hearing of God's Word read.

Father Gary Seymour will be bringing the message from Matthew 11 this week as we look at what Jesus does for the wounded heart.

And, as we are sent and we respond to God's Word, we will sing the beautiful setting of Psalm 23 - 'The King of Love My Shepherd Is.'

Listen to and Learn Sunday's Music

Don't forget that you can always head to our music resource page ( to listen to and learn Sunday's music.

Our prayer is that the presence of God and His work will be evident throughout the gathered service, and that, although sometimes He does work silently you would see and perceive strongly just how much He is working among us.

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Ryan serves as Director of Worship & Creative Arts at Living Word. He is a follower of Jesus, husband, father of three, worshiper and creative.

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