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Why Cold Case Christianity - Part 1 of 4

Written By Wade Mobley on 09/03/2013 | Posted in Daily Christian Thinking

Jim Warner Wallace Coming to Living Word

This weekend (Sunday and Monday, September 8-9), Living Word Free Lutheran Church is excited to host Jim Warner Wallace from the apologetics ministry Stand to Reason. If the term "apologetics" is new to you, it has to do with giving answers - in this case, answers concerning the Christian faith.

You may well ask, "Why 'Cold Case Christianity?" I will give you two answers.

Considering the Evidence

First, Mr. Wallace's background is that of a homicide detective. This is a useful background in considering evidence from long-past events. In that sense, Christianity presents evidence from a "cold case" perspective. You can reason your way to several aspects of a theistic worldview - even as far as a God-type figure possessing many of the attributes of the one true God - but our claims rest ultimately on the truth of eyewitness testimony of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Plus, the "CSI" appeal is hard to beat appeal-wise for our crime-drama-obsessed culture.

A Well-read and Well-thought Presenter

Second, Mr. Wallace teaches and writes far beyond his investigative background. He is well-read and well-thought, and will be able to address thoughts and questions from believer and skeptic alike. He is a good teacher of argumentation, that is, helping people uncover and investigate root-level considerations. I think he will be able to equip us to consider as opportunities that which many of use consider to be threats.

In the next post I will give you some common examples.
- Pastor Wade

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