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Why Cold Case Christianity - Part 2 of 4

Written By Wade Mobley on 09/03/2013 | Posted in Daily Christian Thinking

Part two of a four-part series on "Why Cold Case Christianity?" Find part one here. Below are several opportunities that we usually perceive as threats.


Many Christians struggle with the problem of the co-existence of God and evil. If God is good (and all-knowing and all-powerful), he would know about and do something about evil. There are good answers on four-five different levels, but all of them have a bit of mystery to them. For the Christian, this isn't all that concerning (except for the fact that we don't like pain). But for the skeptic, this is grounds to dismiss the God hypothesis altogether. So many Christians cower and the subject, not realizing that the existence of evil is actually a strong argument for the existence of a good God.


The subject of evolution causes many Christians to cower, accommodating bad science, reasoning and theology with statements like, "I believe that God used evolution as a tool to create the world and everything in it." There are dual problems with that statement: Theologically, if you follow those train tracks long enough you end up not with Adam and Eve (created in the image of God, then fallen through rebellion against Him) but with some ape-like proto-human (in which, it is said, God erased the animal memory and declared them to be human). Further, Darwinian molecules-to-man evolution denies the intelligent input of direction implied with that claim.


Most (I would say nearly all) of the most powerful shots absorbed by Christians are not sound arguments - in fact, they are not arguments at all. They are merely boisterous, bald assertions levied by those who oppose Christ. There are lines of thought that create problems with the Biblical worldview (obviously I don't think they are deal-killers), but most assertions don't go there. It is bad enough that the president of a local atheist group (to his credit) contacted me directly to apologize for the poor behavior and reasoning of some in his group.

He was gracious in an offer to discuss substantial issues in a forum in the future. As one example, someone responded to our online ads with, "If God exists he doesn't need you to waste money spamming my Facebook page, he could just use a burning bush like he did with Moses." Now, if you think that through it doesn't really say anything about anything - it's just a rant. But this kind of aggressive, mocking statement shakes some Christians in their faith. It shouldn't, not even a little bit.

There are opportunities behind these - and most other encounters. In the next post I will show you how to turn (supposed) points of weakness into (actual) positions of strength.

- Pastor Wade

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