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Why Cold Case Christianity - Part 4 of 4

Written By Wade Mobley on 09/05/2013 | Posted in Daily Christian Thinking

This is part four in a four-part series on "Why Cold Case Christianity?" Read part one, part two, or part three.

Most people see skeletons best with flesh on the bones, so today I will give you some answers to the three of the encounters I discussed in this series.


You cannot get to "evil" without going through "good." And you cannot get to "good" without going through God. Try it - every definition of evil has some concept of good within it, even subjective appeals to "whatever is good for the most people most of the time." And once you move ethics from the objective character of God to the subjective decisions of man all you get is the will of the majority- or the minority if it is sufficiently armed. Plato's "Euthyphro dilemma" is the classic example. It is only a dilemma if you divorce our concept of good from the character of God.


All (and I do mean all) deductive proofs of evolution rely on informal errors called "equivocation" and "extrapolation beyond the evidence." In the former, one term is used two ways. For example, "Evolution (undirected, molecules to man, all life came from non-life by descent with modification over long periods of time) is a fact. We see evolution all the time in natural selection (species adapt over time due to the surrounding environment)." Those are two drastically different definitions: Of course we see the second. Nobody denies this. But we don't see the first. Even if we give the arguer "life came from non-life" (which is itself a miracle of Biblical proportion, see Genesis 1-2), nobody has any physical demonstration of one species changing into another. To get to this place one has to commit the error described by Dr. David Menton, a one-time guest of Living Word: "Natural selection does for evolution what God does for creation."


Sticks and stones hurt bones, and words hurt, too. So sometimes we hear a taunt and get injured quickly enough that we can't stop and think through a specific statement. The fact that the Living Word received a taunt that came via a Facebook comment instead of in person gave me ample time to respond appropriately:

"I suspect that what you stated wasn't an attempt at rational conversation, but rather a rant. That said, I'm sure you affirm a group's right to advertise in certain ways, as you are part of a group aggressively marketing a predominantly theistic population with your idea of atheism. Further, the normal means by which God speaks and works is through the hands and mouths of His people. "Burning bushes" are miraculous in that they are out of the ordinary and extremely rare. Finally, God speaks to us today through His Word, the Bible. It contains the eyewitness testimony of many who saw God work in certain ways and recorded it for our benefit. Eyewitnesses are to be examined before they are dismissed as unreliable, and that is, in fact, what Mr. Wallace will be addressing on Monday evening. You are invited to attend."

- Pastor Wade

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