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Epiphany - A Full Understanding of Christmas

Jan 06, 2019
Luke 2:22-38
Pastor Kirk Thorson


Pastor Kirk examines a full understanding of Christmas as we continue to look at the book of Luke and how various people responded to the coming of the Messiah. Press the play button above to listen to the message and view the sermon preview notes below.

Sermon Preview

In some churches, the Christmas season on the church calendar begins on Christmas Day and runs for twelve days, ending on January 5th. January 6 brings a new season in the church year - Epiphany.
The word epiphany means “to show” or “to make known,” and Epiphany celebrates the arrival of the magi, or Three Kings. Matthew's gospel account records how after a long journey, guided by a mysterious star, these wise men find the Christ-child in Bethlehem.

Epiphany isn’t so much about the wise men or their gifts, but about an even greater gift—the fulfillment of a promise for the long-awaited messiah, Jesus Christ. Our sermon text today is found in Luke 2:22-38 in which we read of Simeon and Anna who were able to see firsthand this long awaited Redeemer and rejoice in God's salvation.

Christian author Eric Metaxas writes, "At Epiphany we’re reminded that the promise of redemption has always been for the whole world. God came not only to His own, but to us outsiders—like the Magi—the lost and darkened souls who had never even heard about God’s promise...Epiphany is a joyful celebration in the fulfillment of Isaiah 9:2: “The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light.”

Serving Christ alongside you,
Pastor Kirk Thorson

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