Set Free

Jul 05, 2015
Romans 8:1-11
Ryan Egan


Living Word Free Lutheran Church Director of Worship & Creative Arts, Ryan Egan, teaches on how we have been set free by the Spirit to true and lasting freedom. Press the play button above to listen to the message and view the sermon preview notes below.

Sermon Preview

Yesterday was Independence Day, the celebration of our nation’s freedom from Great Britain. This Declaration of Independence was not only from the rule of the law of England, but ultimately for the purpose of allowing religious freedom and the freedom to worship apart from a state-run church. While our nation continues to move us back to what we left those 200+ years ago, there is a bigger issue to explore today: the issue of freedom from the requirements of the law and from condemnation of our sin.

God grants us amazing freedom, far more important to celebrate than the events of the Fourth of July. This freedom He gives us is not found in us, not dependent on us, and produces something in us that can only be described as supernatural. We will explore that freedom, true and everlasting freedom, this morning.

Ryan Egan, Director of Worship & Creative Arts

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