The Blessing of Humility

Jul 19, 2015
God Bless You: A Closer Look at the Blessings of God
Luke 14:7-15
Pastor Kirk Thorson


Pastor Kirk continues our new series on God's Blessings by teaching from the book of Luke on the blessing of humility. Press the play button above to listen to the message and view the sermon preview notes below.

Sermon Preview

Last week began a series entitled God Bless You - A Closer Look at the Blessings of God. Today we will be looking at the blessing of humility. Most of us wouldn’t think of being humbled as a blessing. Humility is a good character trait to have but no one enjoys being humbled.

In the book of Genesis, we read of God’s promise to bless Jacob (Gen 28:10-17), but God also permanently injured Jacob’s hip (Genesis 32:25). Warren Wiersbe writes, “Throughout his life, Jacob had relied upon his scheming and plotting to advance in life. Jacob thought he was wise and smart enough, so God weakened him; for when we are weak only then are we strong enough to be used by God” (2 Corinthians 12:7-10).

Humility was one gift that was sorely lacking in the lives of the Pharisees. In their minds they considered themselves far superior to those around them. Everything they did was for show; from the way that they prayed, and dressed and even positioning themselves in places of honor at meals and banquets. They craved attention from others and wanted to be held in high regard, even if it meant walking all over other people in the process.

Is there a Pharisee desire in us that wants to be seen and admired by others? Jesus’ words to the Pharisees in Luke 14:11 speak to us this morning, “For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” There is good news and great blessing in being humble.

Pastor Kirk Thorson

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