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The First Commandment - The Foolishness Of Idolatry

Feb 02, 2020
The Ten Commandments
Isaiah 44:6-20
Pastor Kirk Thorson


We begin our new series looking at the Ten Commandments with a look at the first commandment where God declares that we shall have no other gods before Him. Press the play button above to listen to the message and view the sermon preview notes below.

Sermon Preview

Today we will be starting a new sermon series on the Ten Commandments. It is unfortunate that many view the Commandments as rules given by God that we try not to break. Our time together these next Sundays will aim to show not only what God is prohibiting, but also that which He is promoting (or calling us to). Understanding the Commandments in this way helps us to see the loving heart of God in the statutes He gave Moses as recorded in Exodus 20.

The first commandment calls us to have no other gods in our life. Our sermon passage in Isaiah 44:6-20 reminds us why it is foolish to give our greatest honor, love and attention to anyone other than the Lord. May God impress this truth upon our hearts today.

Serving Christ alongside you,
Pastor Kirk Thorson

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